“Real Life”: The Road to RSE

Hello Family, Friends and Colleagues!

Thank you (again) for your support though the process of turning my *dreams* into a reality.  The first six months of this exciting year have been very busy, a bit stressful and a little scary, also, they have FLOWN by (amiright?!)

I wouldn’t have survived some of these days without your encouraging friendships, cheerleading, FaceTime conversations and shared bottles of wine!

As you know, starting this business has been a labor of love and a dream I first realized in December of 2007! After many, many, MANY conversations with Brian (& then another 1000 with just myself), we decided last fall that 2016 would be “The Year”.  I wasn’t shy about any of this either; I started to introduce these “crazy” goals of mine to Brian on our 3rd or 4th date! And, If you know Brian, you know that I’ve had his unwaivering support since day 1.

How did I get here?  Well, in a nutshell…

I moved to San Diego with the hope to start my business there.  But, as life would have it; it didn’t happen that way.  However, I did start my event planning & wedding industry career in that beautiful sunny city.  I enrolled myself into an event management program and took my first job in the industry working for (in my opinion the best) wedding invitations designer, Nicole Rocero of Nic.Roc Design. In order to complete the program I needed to do an internship and there begins my career with Hyatt.  I took an internship at the Grand Hyatt San Diego in the catering catering department.  Once the internship was over, I was offered a full time position assisting the Director of Social Catering.  This was a dream job!  I was working on some really exciting events!  A Dinner for 1500 people on top of The USS Midway aircraft carrier.  Marine Crops Birthday Ball Dinners for 1200.  Galas and fundraisers. I once had to coordinate the transportation of a lion from the San Diego Zoo though the back hallways of the hotel into the ballroom for an event! Events on the pool deck and of course WEDDINGS!! All kinds of weddings, Indian Weddings, Chinese Weddings, Chaldean Weddings.  I was in my glory and making friends who have been some of the most supportive and loyal friends of my life.  My heart started to tell me that after almost 5 years, my time in San Diego was coming to an end.  Ryan had been passed for two years now at this point and my heart was being pulled back home.

A position in the Catering Department at the Hyatt Regency Greenwich was available and I jumped on it! I took the position and again, a new team of wonderful woman (and great friends), a new resume of events including, galas fundraisers, bar and bat mitzvahs and of course my coveted weddings!

After 9 months, The City was calling.  Yep, big ‘ol NYC. (eek!) Working in The City was something on my bucket list and I was over-the-moon excited for this new opportunity being offered to me through Hyatt. Again, a new team (this time it was more like a sisterhood), a new ballgame of events (a wedding that included fairy ballerinas) a newly renovated hotel, and a breathtaking rooftop event space that sat 32 stories above the city!  This was a challenging position that kept me on my toes and going for what felt like 24/7!  I loved every moment of it.  I loved being part of the city, I loved meeting and working with some of the “big timers” of the industry and most importantly I felt satisfied in my career.

After a year and a half at the Andaz Wall Street the “itch” to start my own business really started to get “itchy”, the thoughts were consuming me.  I felt prepared enough in the sense of “how to be a wedding & event planner”.  However,  I didn’t know the first thing about running or starting a small business.  I started to look for new jobs that would align with both my passion for event planning and challenge me to learn and understand how to run a small business. I found it! And, on what would have been my brothers 32nd birthday, I interviewed and was offered the position. In this new role of Office Manager/Event Coordinator I would see first hand all that goes into running a small home-based business.  The events for this catering company were on a much smaller scale than what I was used to however, through the years I learned that fundamentally event planning is the same.  Dinner for 12, 120 or 1200 guests all require tables, chairs, linen, glassware, china, silverware, food and booze, coordination of setup and vendors, execution of the timeline and flow of the event. (I’m referencing a dinner here.  Weddings require a different level of care, concern, patience, love, sweat, harmony and detail).  My time with the catering company was invaluable in learning all about the world of off-premise catering and event planning.  These events were in private homes or under big white tents.  Gone were the days of having everything readily available if you missed or forgot something. “Quick thinking-problem solver” took on a whole new meaning to the words I had listed on my resume.

After a year and half I decided it was time to part ways from the catering company so that I could focus on making Ryan Scott Events a reality. I found myself a fantastic and PATIENT graphic designer, Megan Reddish of Something Reddish, we met for coffee, I poured out all of my dreams and goals for RSE to her and she captured it and created the beautiful logo and branding work you see (and will soon see more of).

These first few  months of entrepreneurship have been a rollercoaster filled with so many emotions and start up business setbacks (I look at the setbacks as a rite of passage). Some days I feel like I am on top of the world, other days I feel defeated by the world. I’m a naturally very outgoing person however, in this “new life” of mine, I’ve had to let my guard down and get uncomfortable. I’ve walked into multiple networking events knowing not a single soul and forcing myself to leave with new business and friendly connections. I’ve felt the kind of venerability  that would make the average person sick to their stomach.  And, I’ve watched my bank account balances fall lower and lower. There is no sense of financial security (which is really f-ing scary), only a drive to succeed.  Or in these days, a drive to fill my belly and Kiwi’s food bowl.  I’m inspired by words I hear and read such as, “If you aren’t in over your head how do you know how tall you are?”, or “Rome wasn’t built in a day”.  While, some of those inspirational quotes may seem corny, they have collectively become my bible and drive.  I no longer walk into an office to a team of bright eyes. I work from home which is peaceful but can sometimes be lonely and too quiet for my own liking. I wake up, make my tea, walk Kiwi, get ready for the day and start the hustle. Sometimes I start the hustle at 7 am.  Other times at 7pm and won’t call it quits till 11!  There are no set hours when you work for yourself. And sometimes I feel as if the work is never done. I don’t have a counterpart to pass it off to. It’s just me, working towards my goals and ensuring all of my client’s needs and expections have been met.

These days I take one day, one email, one call at a time… I have to remind myself that this is just the beginning.   I am extremely passionate about what I do and knowing that I get to share my expertise and creative mind with others is a truly unique and rewarding feeling.

Thank you again… truly, from the bottom of my heart! XO


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